Hello Lisa,
First and foremost we want to take a moment to say thank you for your patience and thank you for your support and understanding throughout this past week. We understand the frustration this has caused for many. Over the past nine plus years we have been fortunate to create and develop relationships with thousands of customers throughout the United States and Canada. Each and every website is a top priority. Rest assured we have deployed all of our resources and we are working around the clock to rebuild each and every website we have developed. This is no small task, however with the support and patience from all of our customers as well as our staff, we are confident we will be able to get things rebuilt and back up and running.
As of today, your website has been rebuilt and is up and running. Be aware that it may not be in the previous format as it was prior to this server issue has occurred. Our staff will be going through copious notes to gather any and all development details to get the website as close to the format it was prior to the server.
We feel the most important thing we could do at this time rather than wait for a possible restore which appears to be very unlikely was to rebuild all of the websites as fast as humanly possible. We will continue to work around the clock and do everything we can to help get the site back up and running.
Again, we deliver our sincere gratitude from each and every one of the members of our staff and within our company.
Thank you for your patience, Thank you for your support and as always thank you for allowing us to continue to service your needs.

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